GPS SCS Monitoring
sku: GPSSCS-5

GPSSCS is a specialized system designed to monitor and control any moving objects. Instant notifications. Ability to view monthly history. Control up to 5 devices.

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It's simple. Comfortable. Fast and free! I'm happy.
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Use to track my child. Using it about year. There are notifications and GEO zones.
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I connected car alarm. Not needed yet. But all tracked. It's nice to have history.
What GPSSCS can help:


Fleet monitoring. Fuel consumption accounting.


Route optimization. Monitoring taxis, couriers.


Cargo tracking. Monitoring of work progress.


Car alarms. Tracking pets, children.

How to connect? 3 simple steps!
Register GPS SCS Monitoring

Only need E-mail

Register GPS SCS Monitoring
Add devices

Only need IMEI

Register GPS SCS Monitoring
Configure tracker

Enter server address, port

Connection settings:

  • Server:
  • Port: as per protocol

To choose right port, read our Instructions.

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